Saturday, 22 March 2014

People of Punjab: Lively And Fun Loving!

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People of Punjab: Lively And Fun Loving!

The culture and tradition in the north Indian state of Punjab is rich and varied. Various cities of the state are worldwide famous for several things. Some cities play major roles to represent traditions and cultures of the state while other towns are popular for several kinds of businesses.

The major population of Punjab comprises of Sikhs. Apart from that people of various religions live in this beautiful state. The people of Punjab are famous for their hard work. These Punjabis are are mostly into agriculture. The farmers of the state play a foremost role in the agricultural output. Moreover, the fertile land of the state presents ample scope for agriculture.

Apart from agriculture, Punjab is famous for various other things. The citizens of Punjab are well-known for their warmth hospitality. Stroll into any village in the Punjab countryside and the visitor will be welcomed with delicious food items, glasses full of lassi and a heart-warming invitation to stay over.

The people of the state take great pride in their courage and believe in traditional customs and rituals. The affinity of these people plays an important role in the culture of the state.

The Punjabis are friendly and are known for living life to the fullest. The people of Punjab’s villages usually live in small communities and live a peaceful life. These people give a great deal of respect to their culture and traditions. Because of their loving and helpful behavior, Punjabis are loved by worldwide communities.

The Food, music and dance of the state are very famous. The folk music of Punjab is a mirror of the rural Punjabi way of life. These songs have reference to the culture and traditions of the state. These light-hearted folk songs represent every little thing about life.


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