Friday, 9 August 2013

Haveli – The Beginnings

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Haveli – The Beginnings

Haveli is a celebration, an unparalleled experience, a unique blend of the old world charm and the hospitality of India. The name Haveli has become synonymous with the ultimate in boutique restaurants in India.

Haveli has revolutionized the concept of world class hospitality through its chain of boutique restaurants and it is not because of me but the love and affection given to me by the people of Punjab and other regions. I had realized one thing quite early that food is a delicacy that is savoured best when marinated with the tender care and genuine warmth. So I started this chain of Haveli restaurants in 2001 from Jalandhar, the place where I grew up. During my childhood I saw the vast and rich culture of Punjab where guests at home are treated as God and Noblemen. Since then I wanted to keep alive this tradition by providing people a taste of the authentic vegetarian cuisine along with its rich culture and traditions. The land of Punjab, which is described as the land of Gurus, Pirs and the warriors, as a matter of faith believes in earning honest living through hard labor and in sharing the fruits of this labor with others. The recipes are handed down from one generation to another, where garam masala is just not a mixture of Dhania, elaichi and a couple of more spices but it is a rare combination of more than 20 spices and herbs grounded at the right temperature for a specific period of time to maintain the flavour and fragrance. I did a lot of research, went and met various people from all walks of life to understand the taste and their expectations. During this process I learnt that people look into the finer details of everything, it’s not only food but how it is cooked, how it is served, how the interiors are and how the total ambience of the place is and how you are taken care of by the service staff.

Once you enter Haveli, you would be charmed by its ambience; you will know that you have come to a place where your satisfaction is paramount. The butlers are inquisitive about your taste and attentive towards your comfort. You just have to brief them about your preference and they will help you choose the most appropriate dish or you can just close your eyes and put a finger anywhere on the menu and your will be assured of a delicious dish. As the sumptuous delicacies melt in your mouth, you may just pat yourself on the back for coming to a place which is in perfect sync with your taste and mood as it is not me who has made it but all of you who gave me knowledge and an insight of this business.

Since I started Haveli from Jalandhar, people have given me so much love and affection that it motivates me to give them the best of food where one can sit and enjoy with the family and friends. After I started Haveli, other establishments tried to imitate us or used the word Haveli by either adding a suffix or prefix but simply did not have the aesthetics and the expertise to provide you with the same experience and were lost with the passage of time. Some which are still trying to copy us will surely be lost. Infact, Haveli has become a tradition that can be perpetuated only by the connoisseurs of this field and it is impossible to duplicate or imitate it.

All the members of Haveli thank our guests for their kind visit. Haveli does not belong to me but to you who have nurtured it with you love and affection.

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