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Punjabi Tadka in Delhi

Punjabi Tadka in Delhi

When you say the word “Punjabi”, two things come to mind: the dance and the food. Bhangra and Butter Naan. Like they say in the movie Jab We Met, “Asi tah Punjabi hain, humein toh [naachne ka] bahanna chahiye.” [We are Punjabis. We only need an excuse to dance].

Punjabi culture is vibrant, celebratory, and warm. It is the kind of culture if truly adapted will never let you feel lonely. Be it the colourful weddings, Mika songs blaring from cars, butter naan on every occasion, well-dressed happy people all around – the Punjabified city will leave you overwhelmed. If you have been invited to a Punjabi wedding, jump with joy. [And probably practise a few dance steps because someone is bound to pull you to the dance floor, and fast for the entire day so that you can gorge heartily in the evening].

Punjabis are fun, open-hearted, and without regrets. So is their food. If you are visiting India for the first time, and have a bucket list of things to do here, the Taj Mahal should be number one and Punjabi food second. Dal Makhani, paneer tikka, sarson da saag makki ki roti, aloo ke parathe – the food is iconic. It is full of life, butter, ghee, and love.

And when it comes to Punjabis and their food, no other place does it with more panache and style than Delhi (of course, after Punjab itself). The city thrives with Punjabis. Delhi is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, but Punjabi remains its dominant flavor. Even other cuisines have been adapted to suit the North Indian tongue. Do you know Paneer Dosa is a Punjabi version of a dosa and is not native to south India?

Another must-try delicacy is the halwa they serve as kada prasad at Gurudwaras. Dipping in pure ghee, and served piping hot, it is sure to transport one to heavenly levels, if the praying didn’t. The Sikhs believe in selfless service to community, something evident in the langars at Gurudwaras where everyone willingly offers to help. Sitting on the floor, eating with a hundred people, in the house of god, it is the heartiest meal one can have.

Punjabis are famed for their warm hospitality and generous nature, something one will find in most of their restaurants. If you want to get a taste of the real Punjab, go to Punjab. But if you can’t, go to a Punjabi themed restaurant.

Like Punjabi dishes there is no end to the number of Punjabi restaurants in Delhi. I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that life in Delhi would have been much bland and boring had it not been for Punjabi food and culture.

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Nishi Jain is a travel writer at WeAreHolidays. She spent five years studying English literature, another two years editing novels and writing newspaper articles, after which she realized that pop music and paneer tikka is the best thing man invented.


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