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Famous Food Items of North India!

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Famous Food Items of North India!

India is a big nation, which consists of more than 28 states. The things that bind the entire nation in one rope are: culture and food. In India, cooking is believed as an art. The culinary art of a family are handed over from one generation to another. Every state has its own culture and cuisine. The culinary style changes from one place to another. On the basis of food, India can be divided into four regions: East, West, North and South.

In terms of Food, the north is the crowned jewel of the nation boasting of delicacies that are world famous. In a typical North Indian meal Chappatis, Poori, dals, rice and some mild curries are the main foods, but on special occasion or festivals, there are endless dishes to taste.

North Indian cuisines are further divided into various parts based on taste and eating habits. Punjabi cuisine is very popular amongst all regions and thus available throughout the nation.However, Punjab is the place to enjoy the food in its best form. A touch of royalty in the form of shuddesigyo and munificent use of spices creates a mouth-watering taste for all its delicacies.
A food lover will definitely realize the distinguished taste and flavors in these dishes. When one has to talk about famous Punjabi dishes, the name of ‘Saag’ comes on top of the list. The dish is cooked with green leafy vegetables and is eaten with lassi and makkiki roti.

Apart from SarsonKaSaag, some of the popular dishes of Punjab and North India are: ChanneCury, moong dal, ChanneAmritsari, Rajmah, KadiPakora, Mix Vegetables, Zeera Rice, Vegetable Pulao and so on. The deserts and the sweets are made up of milk, wheat flour, khoya andmaida. These sweet dishes are served after the meal.
Several dhabas and indian restaurants serve Punjabi cuisine to their customers. ‘Haveli’ is one such destination, which offers every Punjabi dish in its most authentic and delicious form.

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