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Music ‘N’ Dance- Punjabis Top Choice!

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Music ‘N’ Dance- Punjabis Top Choice!

The vibrant and multi-colored land of Punjab is a hub of the most enthusiastic form of dances and peppy-loud music!
When a Punjabi munda or a kudi start tapping their feet on the beats of rhythmic dhol, the entire ambience lifts with joy & vibrancy. Some of the major folk dances and music of Punjab include:
Energetic Bhangra
Performed by men on the carefree beats of dhol, chimta or iktar, Bhangra is an energetic form of dancing. It expresses the spirit of celebration and hence is performed on almost every occasion whether it is a wedding or a festival. It is performed donning a colorful costume consisting turban, dhoti and kurta.

Beautiful Giddha
Giddha is performed by the oh-so-beautiful women of Punjab. The striking movements of this dance form mesmerize the whole environment with the sounds of constant tapping feet and claps. Uttering Boliyan in loud and shrieking voices is one of the highlighting feature of this dance style. Giddha too is performed with the idea of bringing alive the festive feeling. It is mostly performed in a circular form where one woman sits at the center and plays the dhol.

Fun-filled Kikli Kikli is the-most traditional and common dance performed by women and kids. Young girls forms pairs and hold each other’s hands in a crisscross manner while moving in a circular motion. It is performed while with singing folk-songs.
Gripping Folk Music In the past, Folk music of Punjab was all about shabad kirtan. It encompassed the rhymes and epic tales of valor. This kind of music came into existence during the 16th century and is known as the dhrupad style of music. The originator of this music was Guru Nanak Dev Ji and this tradition was followed by all the Sikh gurus. The Gurus used all 62 ragas mentioned in the holy book Guru Granth Sahib to bring out the essence of this folk music.

Over the long passage of time, the folk music underwent many changes but still it is considered to be the best mode to express one’s emotions.Thus, all these form of dances and music act as a knot binding the Punjabis with ever-lasting culture and tradition of Punjab.

One can even witness the cultural music and dance of Punjab at Haveli & Rangla Punjab located in Jalandhar, Punjab.

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