Sunday, 11 August 2013

A glimpse into the Culture of Punjab!

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A glimpse into the Culture of Punjab!

The founder of Haveli was inspired by the rich culture & heritage of Punjab. It is no secret that Haveli was conceptualised as an effort to keep the culture of Punjab alive for generations to come.

Enriched with sacred doctrines of the various respected Sikh Gurus, the Culture of Punjab indicates an age-old tradition of enchanting customs.

Hospitality & generosity are the defining lines of the Punjabi Culture. Punjabis are warm-hearted, loud and vivacious people who have the capability to make you laugh in every situation. Although widely known for their happy-go-lucky attitude, their other facet is a reflection of determination and hard work.

Their colorful personality is well depicted by their colorful attire. A visit to this place will be a visual delight credited to the vibrant parandis, turbans & phulkari duppatas. Even the water tanks are fondly constructed in colorful shapes!

Punjabi Folk songs and dance have gained tremendous popularity over the years. The Dhol beats and the energetic performances of Bhangra and Gidda will surely imbibe the viewer into its verve. It is not unknown that youtube videos showcasing foreigners enjoying bhangra have gone viral. Besides international acclaim Bollywood Movies are increasingly showcasing Punjabi Culture in their movies. Most of the acclaimed Punjabi folksongs have been remixed and used by Bollywood.


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