Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bhangra: Defining Punjab Since Decades!

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Bhangra: Defining Punjab Since Decades!

It is said that human has been dancing since the dawn of time, in every culture around the globe. Dance is an expression of a dancer’s inner soul, which symbolizes his emotions. When we talk about Punjab, the dance form that strikes us immediately is ‘Bhangra’. Bhangra, the traditional folk dance of Punjab has always been an integral part of Punjabi life. Whether it is a wedding performance or the celebration of Baisakhi, Bhangra is performed to celebrate every happy moment & festival in Punjab. Bhangra is closely associated with Punjabi culture and traditions.

Jhumar, Luddi, Dankara, Dhamaal, Sami and Giddha are some of the traditional movements that are used to enhance Bhangra. In today’s time, Bhangra is not just a dance style but is also a music genre. As this music has gained worldwide attention, it has gone through various evolutions. Where it was performed only on boliyan, today many elements of hip-hop, jazz and rock are enfolded within it.

Today, where the culture and traditions of Bhangra have gained popularity throughout the globe, influences from various forms of dance have caused the traditional art form to evolve further. The world of dance is devoted in keeping the rituals alive and the Punjabi Folk Art of Bhangra has left no stone unturned to do that.

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