Thursday, 12 September 2013

A Place That Serves Delicious Cuisines and Golden Heritage of Punjab In One Plate!

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A Place That Serves Delicious Cuisines and Golden Heritage of Punjab In One Plate!

In world’s history, Punjabi culture is one of the richest cultures. The North Indian State displays the unique aspects of its history. Punjab is famous for its delicious foods and unforgettable history. The modern era is taking the youths away from the real Punjab, where tradition is everything. Today’s Punjabi youth is busy in converting himself into a 21st century youth. In the process, he/she is stepping away from real Punjab. In this modern era, there are some mediums, which are keeping the golden heritage alive and Haveli is one of them. Through the delicious food and representation of Punjabi culture, the food place is connecting the young generation with old aged Punjab. The theme based restaurants serves the best Punjabi dishes in an authentic way.

From the decades, Punjab is enticing the taste buds of the food lovers. There are numerous people around the world, which are Punjabi or not, love the cuisines of this place. With the every passing day, the popularity of Punjabi food is increasing. Sarso ka saag, Maki ki roti along with lassi is the hot favorite dish of Punjab. Apart from this, there are several dishes and desserts, which tantalize the sweet tooth of the foodies. 

Punjabi culture is distributed all over the globe. The growth of Sikhism has given new dimensions to the Punjab and its culture. Apart from the food, Haveli offers a glimpse into the rich heritage of Punjab. The significant phrase of evolution, Giddha, Bhangra, showcases the different side of Punjab.

The special programs at Haveli offer the visitors to bind with the traditional dance of the state. The folk dance of Punjab has got marvelous popularity over the decades. The beats of the dhol and dance force the viewers to stand on their feet and join the dancers.


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