Monday, 5 August 2013

Go Vegetarian!

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 Go Vegetarian!

Gone are the days when you found people only in India following a vegetarian diet due to religious reasons. Vegetarianism is now a growing trend amongst people of all nationalities across the globe. With the increasing number of NGO's propagating Vegetarianism it’s not a surprise to know that today 3% of American adults –over 7 million people- are vegetarian. The reasons for people to avoid meat are varied. The first one that comes to one's mind is 'for the compassion of animals'. Thanks to PETA's earnest efforts to promote compassion towards animals, everyone today will surely have some idea on the cruel treatment of farm animals. Sentient, intelligent animals are often kept in cramped and filthy conditions where they cannot move around or perform their natural behaviors. Choosing a Vegetarian diet is a demonstration of compassion towards these animals.

Going vegetarian is also beneficial to the environment. An individual having a plant-based diet has a reduced eco-footprint which implies that he generates lesser carbon dioxide than a person who eats non-vegetarian. The Livestock industry is responsible for more gas emissions than the transport sector.

Besides farming animals and growing their feeds contributes to growing environmental problems like famine, deforestation & water pollution.

Another major reason for opting for a vegetarian diet is health! You will be prone to fewer diseases, since 70% of the diseases are related to diet and avoiding meat will help avoiding these diseases. You will have stronger bones and you will live a longer life. What more, you will also keep your weight down.

With all these reasons the question to be asked is not why switch but why not? It’s not that you’ll be deprived of anything, especially not delicious & sumptuous food. If you have any doubts you can visit HAVELI and try our exquisite vegetarian cuisine that will surely tantalize your taste-buds. Haveli offers a variety of food delicacies that will more than satisfy your Foodie-junkie needs!


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