Friday, 27 September 2013

Rising Trend to Learn Punjabi!

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Rising Trend to Learn Punjabi!

Earlier Punjabi language was restricted to the state of Punjab only but now it is spreading world-wide! But how? Let’s check it out.

The language which was used among the native people of Punjab for their communication is now becoming popular among people hailing down from different parts of the world.
With the current trend of linguistics, it has become a rage amongst people to learn different languages. Learning Punjabi has become a top choice among youth, thanks to the Indian Cinema that has intensified the craze for Punjabi language and music all over the globe. After all Punjabi music tadka has become the success mantra for many Bollywood movies! Also the rising presence of Punjabi people all over the world has drastically increased the popularity of the language.

Being a famous tourist place, Punjab witnesses a large number of tourists across boundaries. For them understanding the language can be a tiring task. Thus, it is always suggested to go through the basics of the language first before you arrive. Punjabi language is easier to learn as compared to other Sanskrit-based languages. To get acquainted with the language, Punjab has got a perfect solution.

The state offers several institutes where the interested people can learn the language in an easy way and in just a few days. Apart from institutions, there are different books available in the market to learn Punjabi easily. So, anybody who is interested to learn the language can opt any way as per their convenience.

Watching Punjabi movies, listening Punjabi songs and making friends with Punjabi people help you learning the language effortlessly. As language is a part of the culture, one can ultimately be connected to the vibrant culture of Punjab too.

To get a glimpse of this culture one can visit Rangla Punjab, Jalandhar. The place, being a beautiful representation of a Punjabi village is a cultural treat! You can enjoy practicing your newly learnt Punjabi skills by reading the witty Punjabi one-liners posted around the place.

To conclude, we can say that learning Punjabi is not a hefty affair; a proper exposure to the language can make learning process smooth and interesting.


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