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Make an attractive meal with Artistic Garnishing!

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Make an attractive meal with Artistic Garnishing!

Many of us underestimate the power of a garnish. Garnishing makes two strong things possible i.e. to make the dish much more tempting or palatable, and to add a spark to what can otherwise be a boring dinner.
Can you ever imagine pasta with white sauce with no cheese; no pepper, no lemon, nor mint leaves… just a pure white dish! Wouldn’t it be boring?

There is a plethora of food decoration ideas out there. All you need to do is choose one and execute it to accomplish an embellished dish or dessert.

Following are some pointers to consider for garnishing:

- Don’t use small or inedible ingredients for Garnishes: 
The only purpose of garnishing is to provide an aesthetic appeal to the dish. But that aesthetic look must contain noticeable ingredients which must be both attractive and edible.

- Always display your Garnish: 
Garnishing is all about enhancing the artistic appeal of the delicacy. If the Garnish gives savor (taste), that’s sheerly a bonus!

- Don’t overdo one color: 
Okay, green is always regarded as a pleasant color, but in case you have a green salad then there’s no point to add a green ingredient in the garnishing. Instead use pinch of Parmesan cheese, few olives and a tomato to crown it all off. - Garnishes must complement the dish: Ingredients used in garnishing the dishes must be complementing rather than dominating. If you’re preparing chicken, then there is no point to cover it up with leaves to give it a look of salad.

 - Avoid Pungent-smelling ingredients for garnishing: 
A Garnish that smells so strong can result in to a bad garnish. For example: Onions. - Have fun with the dish: Garnishing is the art of shaping up your food’s personality. Delicious food that is served appealingly in perfect portions will be more promptly accepted and eaten.

There are many eating joints present in India and abroad known for their garnishing skills. One such place is The Haveli that gives an experiential of the rich culture of Punjab through sumptuous, mouth watering and eye pleasing dishes.


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