Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Why should You Be a Vegetarian?

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Why should You Be a Vegetarian?

There are several reasons for people to become vegetarian. While some people are drawn to vegetarianism because they want to live a long and healthier life, others choose vegetarianism for the love of animals! There are several other reasons and advantages of being vegetarian. Here, are some of the reasons that can motivate you to towards vegetarianism.

You may keep your weight down: Almost every non-vegetarian food is high in saturated fats that kill slowly. Most of the people these days get killed due to obesity, strokes and cancer diseases, which are linked to non-vegetarian based diets. These are often caused by the build-up of cholesterol and saturated fat from meats in our blood vessels. Adopting plants food can make a big difference.

For Animals: There are several animals which are treated as the source of meat, milk and egg. There is a documentary video viral on social media, which shows cruelty on animals. It’s very painful to see how the animals are treated It’s terrible how they're agonized and murdered just for food. In order to prevent this cruelty, it is essential to adopt vegetarianism.

To Live Longer: If you switch from non-vegetarian to vegetarian, you can add more than 10 healthy years to your life. Isn’t it amazing! People, who consume meat, have a shorter life and more disability at the end of their lives. The non-veg food slows down your immune system, which leads to several disabilities.

Your Dining Plate Will Be Full Of Colors: Eating a colorful dish ensures you that you are eating a variety of naturally occurring substances that can help you to boost immunity and prevent a range of illnesses. These colorful dishes have various types of nutrients in them. So instead of asking why go vegetarian, the question must be: Why haven’t you gone vegetarian?


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