Saturday, 3 August 2013

Connecting the Youth to our Roots!!

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Connecting the Youth to our Roots!!

It is sometimes disturbing to see the rich culture and heritage of our nation losing its charm and hold over the younger generations. The youth of our nation, fascinated by the western lifestyle fails to see the old world charm & tranquility in our traditions. It is not entirely their fault of course. The time has changed so rapidly that it has transformed everything according to convenience of the people running ahead of times. In today’s times the idea of weaving cloth or even sewing clothes at home will be laughed upon. We all are just so used to everything ready-made that home-made stuff is an old facade.

Cotton & khadi has now been replaced by leather & furs; Hopscotch, 7 tiles & marbles have been replaced by XBOX & PSP; Dal cooked overnight has been replaced by ready-to-cook 2 minute noodles; Bioscopes & street plays have been replaced by multiplexes & Disney lands; The tradition of touching feet has been replaced by Hi-5's; A Mother's tail mallish has been replaced by exquisite hair spas.

I am not saying that all of this has changed times for the worse. Moving ahead & changing lifestyles will never be looked down upon. Even the aged realize the benefits of modernization  However, the youth at least needs to have the right knowledge about our times. Once they learn about the beauty of the olden times they will at least start respecting it. Knowing about the olden times will help them understand their elders and thus reduce the problems of generation gap.  They are the ones who will carry on our traditions and for that they need to have a positive perspective about them.

Cultural themed restaurants help the youth to get a glimpse of the past times. Haveli has been inspired by the old traditions of Punjab. The ambiance and decor of the place resemble an old Punjabi village, allowing guests to relive the Golden era. The place is a cultural bonanza showcasing live bhangra performances, street plays, pottery, magic shows, live cloth weaving and many more things. It also demonstrates the well water collection mechanism used in the past.

Actually experiencing the past will help the youth to get a clearer idea of the bygone days and appreciate it better.


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