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Celebrities Patronizing Punjabi Food!

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Celebrities Patronizing Punjabi Food!

Punjabi cuisine is amongst the personal favourites of many Bollywood celebrities. And apparently the distinguished aromas and spices have enticed the taste-buds of celebrities overseas as well! Infact most of them openly patronize it ridiculing the myth of celebrities always being on a low-cal/salad diet.

We have many foodies in Bollywood; in fact few have even bonded over the topic of food!

Actors Kajal Agarwal and Akshay Kumar made the best of their Punjabi roots while shooting for "Special Chabbis". They bonded over Punjabi food and even spoke in Punjabi.

Actor Priyanka Chorpra is a self-confessed Foodie, her favourite being none other than the famous Punjabi delicacy – Makki Di Roti and Sarson da Saag.

Hrithik Roshan's love for samosa is a known fact. He relishes it so much that he can easily eat a dozen at a time.

Many may have a tough time to believe that the stick shaped Anushka Sharma is an avid lover of the all-time favourite butter chicken.

Abhishek Bachan's preferred food is the all-time favourite Punjabi delicacy – Rajma Chawal.

When Bill Gates visited India he fell for the Tandoori Flavours.

Chelsea Clinton tried a variety of Indian cuisines and declared that she preferred the North Indian khaana to the southern delights.

There are many more celebrities world-wide who walk into Indian restaurants abroad to enjoy a sumptuous Punjabi Meal. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Roger Ebert, Arnold Schwarzenegger are just a few names off the radar.


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